The Strategic Planning Team will meet for the Vision Retreat on Wednesday, March 7th from 8:00am – 3:00pm.

Vision Retreat Handouts:

Vision Retreat Table Assignments

Vision Retreat Handouts

Agenda for Vision Retreat

Activity One Directions

Activity Two-Schools with Vision Directions

Activity Three Articles:

Modern Learners Summary

Illinois Vision 2020

Mission Vision Core Values Examples:

Mission and Vision Examples:

Why Should We Clarify Our Mission

Vision 2020 Executive Summary

Policy Brief Illinois Vision 2020

Mission Vision Core Values Examples

LUSD Strategic Design

Good Vision Questions

FH Mission Vision Survey

Core Values Examples:

The Professional Learning Communities at Work

The Foundation of anywhere High School

Part 6 Questions

Common Threads PLC

Client Satisfaction Questions

Ten Principles for Schools of Modern Learning

Vision Retreat Posters