The district utilizes LearnPlatform, a third-party platform, that provides us with insights to help us evaluate whether apps, websites, or software platforms are effective and information on how these relate to student privacy. Please visit our District 89 Public Product Library from LearnPlatform at this link here.

How does LearnPlatform help with SOPPA?

We are using LearnPlatform to be transparent with our technology tools and platforms we use and promote student data privacy as a priority.

What is LearnPlatform? It is a tool we leverage to:

  • Communicate what technology tools, sites and platforms are safe and approved by the district to use in our schools.
  • Standardize how products are requested, reviewed, and approved.
  • Share.

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) and SOPPA Compliance

District 89 leverages the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), which is a unique consortium of schools, districts, regional, territories and state agencies, policy makers, trade organizations and marketplace providers addressing real-world, adaptable, and implementable solutions to growing data privacy concerns. If you would like to read more about the SDPC, click here.

How does the SDPC help with SOPPA?

Through the SDPC we enter contracts with 3rd party vendors who handle our student’s data. We are a part of the Illinois Student Privacy Alliance (IL SDPC), and our district’s written agreements, the data elements for each of our products, as well as the product subcontractors are listed on our IL SDPC webpage here.