Resource program: In this program the student is placed in a general education homeroom, but receives some of his/her major subject instruction in a small-group setting in a different room.  This option is often chosen when the student’s academic levels differ more significantly from those of the general education students. (Offered in all buildings)

Speech/language therapy program that serves students with individual education programs & early intervention for speech/language impairments (Offered in all buildings)

The Early Childhood Program provides intense programming for students ages 3-5 with disabilities. (Offered in Lincoln Elementary School)

Integrated Pre-School for All & Head Start Programming provides a less restrictive setting for students with disabilities ages 3-5. A blended model is utilized in this setting and is one in which teachers and clinicians with different areas of expertise and those who are usually funded under different funding streams are co-located and work together within the same setting. This approach can be useful for combining children from two or more separate programs within the same classroom. In a blended model, personnel in the setting include those who would be present in each individual site if the programs were not co-located. They work together to plan and implement the daily routines and activities of the program. The needs and goals of children with disabilities are addressed within this overall context. (Offered in the following elementary buildings: Emerson, Jane Addams, Lincoln, Roosevelt & Washington Dual Language Academy)

The Deaf & Hard of Hearing program serving EC-8th grade students who may be Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or have other needs related to hearing loss. The program maintains 2 Deaf & Hard of Hearing teachers, an SLP, an Occupational Therapist, a Social Worker, & consulting Audiologist. (Located in Lincoln Elementary School)

The RISE Program (Reaching Independence through Structured Environment) serves students PreK-5th grade with low incidence disabilities. The program maintains a Special Education Teacher, An Occupational Therapist, A Social Worker, and a Speech Pathologist.  (Located in Lincoln Elementary School)

The Stride Program (Structured Teaching Reinforced in a Differentiated Environment) serves students with low incidence disabilities grades 6th-8th grade. The program maintains a Special Education Teacher, An Occupational Therapist, A Social Worker, and a Speech Pathologist.  (Located in Stevenson Middle School)

Instructional Support Programming for students who need more intense support in reading, math or behavioral needs & cannot be supported via Resource programming (Located at Emerson Elementary School (K-5) & Irving Middle School (6th-8th).