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Anime Club

Anime Club meets every Thursday from 2:45 to 3:45. If I haven’t already given you a permission slip, club is full for the space we have available. E-mail me to ask about the waiting list!


This is our website for drawings, manga, and writing created by our club members.

I’m also putting the same material up on the following site, which may be easier to navigate:



We’d love to know what you think. E-mail me your comments at [email protected], and I’ll post them in the next issue.



(Mr. K is home with his brand-new daughter. Will be returning at the start of 2019.)


Coming Up!

Here’s a list of our club members and what they’re working on. Check back every week to see what new material we’re posting.

Perla A. will be contributing drawings of her own characters, in the September 20 and October 1118, and 25th issues.

Isis B. has her very first drawing posted October 18 issue! A new one is underway.

Trinity C. is going to be interviewing club members about all things manga-related, and there is one in the Sept. 27 issue. She’s also got a new character Super Nugget, appearing October 11 and this week.

Santos E. has a Tokyo Ghoul drawing in the Sept. 27 issue.

Christian F. has some work posted September 20 and is working on a manga called “Dark Shadow”! See the first chapter November 1! (Some characters were previewed in the Oct. 4 and 18 issues.) And there’s a special Halloween manga this issue!

Estefania F. has a drawing October 11 and this week. She’s working on a puppy pic coming your way soon.

Maritza G. is going to be debuting some manga pretty soon. (Untitled thus far.) But we’ve got a look at one of her characters in the Oct. 4 issue.

Charlie G. and Deisy R. are collaborating on a manga: “Baka Taco Crew”!  Both have drawings posted October 11! And Deisy has one October 25 and November 1. See a character profile (Forest Child) they’ve drawn up this week!

Alexa I. has some work posted this week and in the September 20 and 27 and Oct. 411, and 18 issues! She’s working on a new character called “Apolygon.”

Giselle M. has been working on some of her own characters, and we’ve got a pic of one October 4 and October 25 and this week.

Antonio M. has a pic of Slenderman Oct 18. Coming up soon: a pic of Sans from the game “Undertale.”

Denise H. is working on a pic of a character from Silent Voice. See her take on Naruto October 4 and a pic Oct. 18, and some new stuff November 1!

Adrian R. has three new pictures Oct. 18. He’ll have a drawing of a shattered glass heart coming your way.

Maritza R. has some club member interviews coming, including Oct. 18! It’s Martiza vs. Maritza.

Benjamin R. finally has that alien he’s been promising, posted October 4. There’s another work in progress we get a peek at this week!

Anthony U. has some work posted Sept. 20, Oct. 11 and 18, and November 1, and is working on a new manga now! (He told me it had something to do with Burger King.)

Destiny V. has a drawing of One-Punch Man in the Sept. 27 issue.

Jayla W. has a club member survey posted October 25 and drawings in the September 20 and 27 and Oct. 411, and 18 issues, November 1, and this week!

Noe has an awesome drawing of Goku posted October 4. He’s got Naruto October 25!

Abbey B. has a new drawing October 11!

Samatha S. made her debut with some Kiss Him Not Me fan fic October 25! Next up: She’s working on a story about The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.


Thursday November 8, 2018 issue

Benjamin is working on a new drawing. Here’s a work-in-progress preview.


Cristian has been working overtime! The creepy paintings and drawings above, plus an entire Halloween-themed manga below!


More work from our dynamic duo: Charlie and Deisy. This character is kind, innocent, and has the healing powers of nature.


Good to see Estefania’s work back in WSJ. Check out this beautifully inked dragon.


A new drawing by Gisella. Now that I’ve got a new baby, I think that crossed-out dollar sign is officially my new insignia.


We can always count on Jayla to do great stuff every week.


The continuing saga of Super Nugget! What new adventures will Trinity’s circular-shaped hero get into next time?


Thursday November 1, 2018 issue

Anthony U has more work to share.


Cristian debuts his new manga this week! Can’t wait to see what happens next.


Deisy has a pic of this beautiful person, and his little buddy in the corner.


Denise has a pic illustrating the complicated flow charts of high school relationships. Pikachu looks confused by it all.


Jayla has a new Tokyo Ghoul piece to show.


Thursday October 25, 2018 issue


Fan Fiction by Samantha S.

Kai and Igarashi were on a friendly date, and they were eating and laughing until… Kae fell onto Igarashi, and it happened by someone pushing her, because Igarashi and Kae were sitting right next to each other!

Then Igarashi’s face and Kae’s face were SUPER red, but Kae got up and awkwardly said, “Eh, hehe… ummm… so what now? We’ve been here for two and a half hours! Oh my god, Igarashi! It’s 11:43 p.m. I’m sorry, but can you drop me off at my house? Please?”

Igarashi said, “OK, let’s go. Cuz I’m in trouble, too.”

Igarashi put his hand on his neck, scratching it nervously. Kae walked to Igarashi’s car, and Igarashi ran over quickly to open the door, to be a gentleman.



More pretty puppy pics from Perla!


Noe continues his series on some of the most famous characters in anime with this portrait of Naruto.


A new character from Daise.


Anthony U. gives us his take on Naruto–this one’s in color.\


Alexa continues her perfect streak with drawings in every single issue.


Jayla’s Club Member Survey!

Today’s question… “What is Your Favorite Anime?”

Adrian: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Alexa: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Samantha: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Giselle: Blue Exorcist

Antonio: Angels of Death 

Jayla: Sword Art Online 

Anthony: Seven Deadly Sins

Noe: Seven Deadly Sins

Isis: Tokyo Ghoul

Deisy: Kakeguiri

Trinity: Akame Gakill

Destiny: Blue Exorcist

Maritza R.: Death Note

Cristian: Death Note

Benjamin: Tokyo Ghoul

(Editor’s Note: She didn’t ask Mr. K, but he would’ve answered Death Note.)  😉


Thursday October 18, 2018 issue


Maritza R. Interviews Club Member Maritza G.

Q: Who is your main character or characters?

A: Momooko No

Q: What is your writing based off of?

A: My Hero Academia and drama.

Q: Are you enjoying your writing?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you happy and proud of what you made?

A: Yes


Adrian debuts his first work in WSJ with a triple-post.

Another new creation from Alexa!


Antonio also makes his first showing here with this pic of Slenderman.


Anthony U. did this 21 Pilots album cover (BW and color versions)


An awesome pic by Cristian! (Rough draft and final)


Good advice from Denise’s character.


There’s no name on this meme, but if I recognize the art style, I’m guessing Destiny. Correct me if I’m wrong!


Multi-angled characters from Gisele.


Isis makes her first showing. Great work!


The beginning of Jayla’s brand new story “It’s Just a Game”!


Love these characters by Perla.



Thursday October 11, 2018 issue

Abbey, with a character of her own design.

Alexa’s drawings get better every week!


Anthonu U drew this one. Guess who it is…


Charlie finally gave us some Bakataco, and is it ever worth the wait!


Two new ones from Daise. They look great!


This pic from Estefania has a Mona Lisa smile.


Three new ones from Jayla… two above and one below


Check out the new character from Perla!


Trinity’s character is Nugget. Nugget is sad.


Thursday October 4, 2018 issue

Alexa has some work appropriate for the Halloween season.

Anthony knows Venom opens wide in theaters tomorrow, and he’s got a drawing to celebrate.

Finally got that alien pic Benjamin promised!

Here’s a couple of those characters we told you Cristian has been working on.

I knew this was Denise’s before I even saw the name. Such a distinctive style!

Giselle makes her debut in WSJ with a character she’s created

The prolific Jayla strikes again. Three weeks in a row!

Finally seeing some of Maritza G’s characters. This one is fantastic!


Noe’s finalized Goku drawing, in vibrant color!


Thursday September 27, 2018 issue


Trinity Interviews Club Member Destiny

Q: What’s your favorite anime?


Q: What’s your favorite anime “ship”?

A: Todomomo. It’s cute.

Q: Who’s your favorite anime character?

A: Bakugo. He’s mad.

A new original character from Alexa! We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Here’s that Tokyo Ghoul drawing Santos has been working at. Looks great!

Noe is still planning to color this drawing of Goku, but here’s a peek at the in-progress stage.

Two new ones from Jayla this week.

Some fantastic shading on Saitama by Destiny.

Thursday September 20, 2018 issue


Here’s Denise’s take on One-Punch Man!

Cristian drew these guys… can’t wait to see the whole comic strip!

Jayla’s been creating her own character. More info on her to come!

Alexa is going to be producing some BNHA fan fic! Here’s a little taste of what’s in store.

Perla provided this pretty pic: “A Puppy Disaster.”



Anthony U. has a full-on complete manga story: “The Adventures of Ancient Ant-Man.”











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