Message from Superintendent Dr. Negron

February 15, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are deeply saddened by the tragic news from Florida. It seems that far too often we need to send a letter outlining how we will respond to a tragedy. Once again, we are watching terrible events unfold in our living rooms, and I am sure you are fielding questions from your children.

At school, it is our goal to handle this situation with tact and sensitivity and try and maintain normalcy for our students. If students bring up the tragic event from Florida in a class, our teachers will simply acknowledge the question/comment, encourage children to ask parents if they want more information, and redirect our students back to the lesson or activity. We have instructed our staff to focus on a normal school day. We know that maintaining a normal school day and keeping to our routines is best for our students. Of course, we will reassure our students that school is a safe place. Additionally, teachers are encouraged to offer the services of our school social workers to any students who need to process this situation further with an adult.

We understand that these events will impact kids and families differently, and it is our intent to provide the safe and supportive environment you expect for your children every day. We have listed some resources that will help you talk with your children about tragic events.


Dr. David Negron