Education Committee

Meeting Schedule: As needed.

Chair: Board Member Kasharii Parker

Administrative Contact: Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Maribel Taboada

Primary Purpose: To discuss educational, curricular, instructional, and assessment matters of the district.


Finance Committee

Meeting Schedule: The second Thursday of every month

Chair: Board Member Jesse Macias

Administrative Contact: Business Manager, James Vreeland

Primary Purpose: To discuss matters pertaining to facilities, finance, and technology.

The Board Finance Committee oversees all operational aspects of the district, including budget, finance, food service, buildings and grounds, construction, technology, and transportation.  The Committee discusses proposed projects, meets with architects, reviews results of public bids, monitors district expenditures and the overall budget, and helps develop a solid foundation upon which the educational program is built.  The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the full Board on all operational matters that require Board approval.


Policy Committee

Meeting Schedule: As needed, generally prior to a Board meetings at 4:00 PM.

Chair: Board Member Regina Rivers

Administrative Contact: Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, David Brusak

Primary Purpose: To discuss and recommend the primary business of a Board – policy making.