board-president-WilliamsYou may have noticed a slight change in the School Board this school year. We said goodbye to long serving Board Member Loretta Gustello and welcomed newly elected Board member, Sally Alondra Casillas. With the Board’s re-organization of officers, it remains united and dedicated to the mission of equity in education for all of our children.
Throughout the website you will get a true picture of how serious students, parents, educators and the community-at-large are about education and learning. You will also see how much fun learning has become! There are so many positives happening (curriculum, programs, technology), that not everything can be mentioned in this paragraph! We invite you to visit our schools, attend committee and board meetings to witness first-hand what goes into providing the best for our students. As you browse the website be sure to visit the District Calendar as well as your child’s school webpage and calendar. You will also find information on Board and committee meeting dates, an overview of the awesome Parent Advisory Council and much, much more.


Gwaine Dianne Williams
President, Board of Education
[email protected]