Welcome to the Maywood-Melrose Park-Broadview District 89 Food Service

Preferred Meals is the leading provider of complete, innovative meal solutions—delivering nutritious, quality foods students enjoy—and delivering the cost and service efficiencies schools require.
School District 89, in partnership with Preferred Meals, provides a healthy breakfast and lunch to our students daily at no cost.

We know that healthier eating can lead to improved health, morale and academics; all things that can make for a better student.

School lunchrooms are critical elements in the process of educating students. If our children are not well fed with nutritious healthy food we know this will have a negative effect on student learning and development. It is vital we provide a healthy, nutritious breakfast and lunch to enable our children to grow and learn.

School District 89 nutrition services continues taking steps toward Smarter Lunchrooms.   The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement uses simple, low-cost strategies in the lunchrooms to help kids take and eat more.

Check out the menu site to see what our students are eating every day http://preferredmealsmenu.com/

Food service questions should be directed to Marisa Raymond, Food Service Coordinator, at (708) 450-2475.