English language learning students will comprehend, speak, read and write English fluently, competently and proficiently in order to succeed academically and socially and become productive citizens in an English-speaking society. English language learners in District 89 will have as their primary goal to continue preparing for college and obtain the highest level of education the educational system can offer them.

District 89 Bilingual Program is committed to building the foundation on which English language learners together with English-speaking peers can develop and establish goals for success and look into the future with hopes of a better life for themselves and their families.


We Believe

  • that our English language learners have the desire to learn and have high expectations of themselves.
  • in promoting the importance of becoming fluent in English.
  • in the use of instruction that applies best practices and strategies for academic success and second language acquisition.
  • in facilitating educational opportunities to prepare students for higher levels of education.
  • in providing opportunities to acclimate the students into their new culture.
  • in creating a bilateral/bicultural environment for Spanish and English speaking students where they learn two languages together.
  • that the parents of our English language learners have high expectations of their children and want to be involved in their education.


Description of Program

The Transitional Bilingual Program, the Transitional Program of Instruction and the Dual Language Program in District 89 have been designed to comply with the State of Illinois Guidelines (Section 228.10-228.60). Their components include: Identification of non-English background students, initial and annual English language assessment, instructional program, and follow-up or reclassification.  The students in the programs are serviced through both full-time and part-time accommodations where the students receive instruction in their native language and in English in the areas of reading/language arts, science, social studies, and math. Textbooks are used in both English and in Spanish according to the student’s English proficiency level. Students also receive instruction in English as a second language.  The students in the dual language program receive instruction in both language English and Spanish starting in preschool through 5th grade. The goal of the program is fluency in both languages by the time they reach 5th grade.