School District 89 Board Meetings

A school board meeting is the only means by which a school board can carry out its legal duties or exercise its legal powers. As such, the primary purpose of a school board meeting is to transact business.  Secondarily, school board meetings provide opportunities for creative and constructive decision-making by members of the board while attempting to reach consensus on strategic issues.  In addition, school board meetings offer an opportunity for the public and staff to address the Board of Education.

Regular board meetings begin at 6:00 p.m on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Most meetings are held at the District 89 Administration Office located at 906 Walton St, Melrose Park, IL 60160.


Community Involvement at School Board Meeting

Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in school district affairs, and a special portion of the board agenda, “Comments and Suggestions from the Audience” is set aside to listen to community members. This segment of the meeting is scheduled within the agenda and the President of the Board will ask for citizen comments at the proper time. When addressing the board, a community member is requested to identify him/herself by name and address. If an individual represents a group, then the group should also be identified. The Board of Education normally provides three minutes for each speaker, but will allow for a longer commentary with advance notice to the superintendent. Such comments may then become a formal part of the meeting agenda. Although the Board encourages public comment, it must also be understood that the Board may or may not provide feedback or take action immediately following the public comment. Inquiries are directed to the superintendent who will investigate the matter and report as quickly as possible to the community and to the Board of Education. If formal school board action is called for, the matter will usually be placed on the agenda for a future regular meeting of the Board of Education.


Board Members

Board President – Veronica Bonilla-Lopez
Vice President  – Regina Rivers
Board Secretary – Jesse Macias
Member – Sandra Ciancio
Member – Oscar Giron Jr.
Member – Kasharii Parker
Member – Shakeesta Williams